7 powerful things that Depression Detest

Depression is not something that should be taken lightly. Depression is a spirit. The Bible calls it the spirit of heaviness. The Book of Psalm has very many instances of when the writer’s spirit was downcast. The moment you identify it as what it is, then you are able to fight it from the point of victory. The Bible speaks of King Saul having a distressing spirit that would attack him occasionally.
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7 Femininity tips; Why I believe every female should guard it (benefits)

Femininity She would talk to anyone that would show an interest in listening, sometimes. I have found myself engaging in a conversation with a complete stranger in a matatu and be in utter shock when am alighting and he requests my phone number, am like, "we're not there yet bro." Other times I would want to honestly offer my number but the person does not ask, "really, now."
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Interesting Caps of My Father ( The 5 things I’d tell the father of my Kids)

My fathers cap
Being a father is not just being some kind of a baby daddy that goes all over the village bragging how many children he has fathered to his peers, it requires giving your life, care, attention and sweat to another human being. It is not just claiming dowry when they are all grown and never knowing what they ate to get to that point, it is not a role to be delegated to the mother; fatherhood is a DIY-Do It Yourself- kind of thing. It’s a blueprint for our baby girl for the kind of man she should go for and a roadmap for the young boy towards manhood. You are that significant.
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Hurray! Today’s My Wedding Day: The magic of “I DO”

If you are a hopeless romantic like me, then you know am not crazy to have everything planned out for for wedding day. I love weddings and the idea of two becoming one. Marriage, is on thing i actually look forward to. The idea of committing to a single person to eternity, till death do you part. This is one hell of an idea I want to live. I want to get married and am not ashamed of wanting it.
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