Be My Sole-Mate

So there you have it, having thrown away the thought of there being only one person for me in the world, I let go of the soulmate mentality and buy into this sole-mate thing. I want a person we can work things out together with, a person that is ready to pull up their sleeves even when the butterflies aren’t so much as causing a rumble in his tummy and work at making it work, one that we would walk together side by side as we draw even nearer to the Greater Pursuer. One that will want to solve a conflict head-on and not cower at the slightest argument, one that would know and be sure that I mean the best for them, one that would call me out to become better, as I also call him out, in short, I need a worker, all this passivity and living in the thrill of just feeling it is too expensive for the heart, I need a person who is so sure to start this journey with me that he would rather leave whatever thing he forgot to carry than alight, I need a sole mate, because this is a journey and it is just getting started. I need a sole mate because the heart may deceive or grow weary along the way, and what might just be needed might a few steps away from the fog. Be my sole-mate. Let’s walk together on this journey until our souls finally meet.

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