a new season begins

A New Season Begins

Oftentimes, I have been asked what is Her Pursuit really. All I could come up with is it is a platform that walks with young women. At least that was clear, the next thing is that our compass was Christ, Singular in Pursuit of Christ.

How this platform would walk with this young woman was unknown to me. I knew and still know that I love writing. Writing has never been an issue but having me sit to write is always where all the problems arise. The article are in my head but getting them out is always the problem.

So back to walking with this young woman as she waits on Christ. That is what I have been trying to do in my almost fifty articles.

Writing is safe, no one sees me behind the screen, they just see the article and that is it. However, when there is a face to it, it gets you more uncomfortable because people will hold you accountable.

I keep narrating why I started the blog in the first place… It is an encounter I had with the Lord as He took me through the book of Hosea, He called me His, and He said that I would no longer call Him Master but Husband (article for another day)

So how do we walk with this woman? I feel this next level will walk with her in a wholesome way. The singularity in pursuit of Him can only be achieved through a heart posture of Humility and Malleability; through letting go of the past word so that we may get to Hear what He is saying now.

Now He is saying that it is time for the deep work, which is creating a community and a safe space for this young woman even as she blooms in her pursuit.

Therefore we have come up with new programs that will ensure that as she pursues, she grows all around.

new season begins

We shall have platforms such us Sis, Let’s Pray, Her Mom, and the like that we shall share with time that will make this a community.

Join me in this new next level even as I lay my ear closest to His Heart so that we hear What Sayeth the Lord.

You are Loved, You are Pursued, You are Betrothed

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