Hello there, My name is Sifa (Praise). I am a Girl who knows that she is recklessly loved by her God and that gives her the guts to dare do great things for her God. I am passionate about ladies and I loved the aspect of God that we ladies represent; we are tender, soft, and vulnerable yet we have the strength to nurture, encourage and encourage when called upon.

I started this blog as an answer to a call from God, as a reminder that I will always be His first before I am anyone else’s. The call is a journey, I stumble at times, I run from Him at times, He pursues me always and it is my intention to Pursue Him as well.

So welcome to my pursuit, as I become, and allow Him to direct me, teach me, equip me, and prepare me for the big wedding where we, the Church will be the Bride and He our Groom. Whether male or female,

We’re All Betrothed