Babe, Just Blink Already!

Blinking includes saying sorry when you have wronged someone. You will never be right about everything, and being right doesn’t feel so good after all when the other person ends up being hurt. What is the point of being so right and so alone? Apologizing doesn’t make you weak. It makes you the bigger man, as I said earlier.

Blinking sometimes is compromises. She is not 100% as you envision her to be but is there anyone like that on the planet? He might not fit the “list,” but 70% is an excellent place to start. Go easy on finding Mr. or Miss Right and work on being the Right one yourself.

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Peace Means War!

I was not as bold as Mommy, in fact, I don’t even have the “scars of honor” that most people show when they are all grown trying to narrate how they got a particular scar. I do not have a burn, never broke my hand or foot to a point of getting a cast or even a band-aid. Let’s just say am flawless (apart from pricked pimples here and there). I feared everything, even puppies.

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