How to Wait on God: Navigating the wait in Stillness

Has any of you ever been bluetick? Let me rephrase that. Who has never been bluetick, for real? I know all of us at some point have been blue ticked, not once or twice, but many times. The pain is relative to the urgency of the information you sent and your relationship with the person you sent it to. Navigating the wait can be painful.

It doesn’t hurt as much when you’ve been ignored by a +254… contact, but when it’s from an endeared person, it gets you to the core. The pain of checking your phone to see if they replied every two seconds is real.
The reaction to this situation depends on your personality; better still, it counts on how much you feel about the person.

You’ll either send that one text and wait for them to reply, whenever they will, or you will send twenty-six texts in WhatsApp, two SMS, and a call to back it up. I have times when God answers my prayers ASAP, and then there are those times when I feel like He’s “blue-ticked” me or something.

God tells Rebecca that two nations are inside her womb, and the older will serve the younger. He doesn’t say when or how. He leaves it hanging like that. She keeps that in her heart until Isaac can bless his firstborn son, Esau.

Understanding the Struggle of Being Still

Seeing as God had forgotten what He had promised her, Rebecca takes that as the “opportune time” to play God and fulfil the prophecy God had told her so many years ago. She and her son decide to dupe Esau of his right (let’s not talk about the fact that Esau despised it and sold it for some soup first).

The case is different for Mary, the mother of Jesus, after being told by Angel Gabriel what will become of the son she was to conceive. She believed that He who promised was faithful, and she did not have to manipulate her way to the top or parade Christ to people.

Had she been a parent in this generation, Jesus would have had a rough time every day getting lectures about how His peers are making it in life or being introduced to people with connections to help Him reach where she had been told He would.

Being still might be bearable if you had a place where you could go meet up with Him and ask Him if He got your message, or if there was some spiritual “typing” you could see after sending in that request, or better still, seeing His “last seen” or “online” but unfortunately, we do not get that.


We are only left with hope, which we know does not disappoint.
Rebecca had forgotten that the same God who had brought some stranger from a faraway land with the news of her being betrothed to someone she had never even met was also able to orchestrate an event where-by Jacob (deceiver) would rule over the older, without her intervention.

I think that it was a family problem because even Sarah tried helping God after she felt like she had been blue-ticked.

The problem goes even further than it is a family problem. It is a problem with human nature in general. The most significant punishment you can give a human being is telling them to wait, telling them that they cannot have it now, and the timing at which they are to have whatever it is they want or think they need so urgently is not even up to them.

You would be still when you are sure that at the end of the month, you will get a salary, or after four years you will graduate, or nine months after conception you will be with child, but when the time is not put, it can get frustrating,

Navigating the Wait with Faith and Hope

Being still might be bearable if you had a place where you could go meet up with Him and ask Him if He got your message, or if there was some spiritual “typing” you could see after sending in that request, or better still, seeing His “last seen” or “online” but unfortunately, we do not get that. We are only left with hope, which we know does not disappoint.

Looking at these women of faith, sometimes I judge them, but other times I identify with them. I often find myself returning to God with something I had left to Him just months or even weeks ago, trying to remind Him that time is not on our side or that we are behind schedule.

It is funny because He is outside time and can pause, fast-forward or reverse time. I go to Him other times with tears and unsure if it is Him who said it or I imagined my things, you know, like Eve at the Garden…”Did God really say?”

I am not guilty of sending someone more than five text messages in a row if He doesn’t reply. For me, one will do. The reason is not a spiritual one; it’s a blunt one; I do not want to get my ego hurt. However, when it comes to God, it is a different case altogether.

I will send all the red alert messages my head can find, I will cry and scream and speak in tongues if need be, and other times, I get childish enough to try to manipulate my way, but unlike our earthly parents, He cannot be used, if it is not time to answer, He won’t. He says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

The weirdest thing about all this is that He tells us to be still strictly when we feel we ought to be doing something. He tells you to keep quiet when you feel you should be screaming or calm down when you think you should be busy working something out. Your stillness in those difficult and testing times will be directly proportional to how much you know Him and what you know about Him.

You cannot be still if you know Him as some distant, passive person who only gives you leftovers. It is like getting to know that your driver does not see the road well in the middle of some journey in the dark. However, when you know Him as a Father, a Friend who willingly gives up His life for His friends, a lover who jealously loves us and will not allow anything unnecessary to happen to us, When we get to know Him as one who is actively involved in our lives, then we, like Jesus will be able to sleep, even slumber during a storm, in the middle of those “Grey ticks, or even more disturbing, in the “blue ticks.” We will be able to fully and wholeheartedly give ourselves away to Him, who has written the number of our days in His hands.

Time will tell if God told you whatever you heard or if you just imagined it. Stillness will give you perspective on the things that matter. It will build up muscles of faith that you never imagined you had. I assure you that if the Lord “texted,” He would foot the bill. He is a debtor to no man. He fulfils what He has promised.


Even in this microwave generation, God’s waiting standards have not been compromised. Only with patience and pressure can a stone change to a diamond, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and a construction site becomes an estate.

Give it time, beloved, be still, and get to know Him better as God. In the appointed time, He will come through for you, and you will have the answers to “why the blue ticks” and conclude that it was worth it all the way. So even when it feels like God is blue ticking you, be still and know He is God.

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