11 things that will help you Navigate from Graduation to Corporate

Graduation. Well, I know most of us had our celebrations over the weekend and everyone wanted to pass their advice to you about “HUKU NJE”… Everyone telling you, “forget everything else I’ve told you and remember only this one.” We appreciate everyone that took time to give us nuggets.

My bestie went a step further and presented her advice to me in the way that she knew I wouldn’t forget; She created a blog post for me and shared with me things she wished someone told her before she graduated. I asked her if I could share it with my crew and she was okay with it. So Ladies and Gentlemen, help me invite our very first Guest MISS MUNDIAH from MY SPACE DIARIES with “The 12″…

Today marks an exceptional day for me and my best friend; she’s being given the power to read and write.. yeeeey… I’m so proud of her. The story of how we met is a story for another day but for now, let’s focus on her big day. I’m dedicating this blog post to her in the form of a letter, a letter I wish someone wrote to me before I graduated, things I wish I knew before getting to the corporate world.

Dear Charity (Put Your Name),

I am so happy, proud, and excited to see you on this other side of life. It will not be a walk in the park, I must say, neither will it be a bitter path. And like my mum would always tell me, “the roots to education are very bitter, but the fruits are very sweet. ” I have had my own share of sweetness, but I must sometimes say the fruit of the season is usually lemon.

As you get out here, allow me to share a few things I have learnt, either from my own experience or someone else’s. This might not be your story; you might have someone else tell you otherwise; pick what works for you.

1. Graduation Papers are not everything.

I know you went to school to get papers, good grades, and you will keep on getting more papers to get your CV growing. Keep it up ma’. I wish someone had told me that my employer would not need my papers as much as needed/still need my Skills. So as you grow your career, specifically, seek to grow your skills in your area of interest.

2. Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none 

I wish someone had told me to be a bishop in one area. Have something I’m good at and pursue it.. I’ll tell you this for free, my dear, build a career path and walk in it. Know where your heart really is. Sometimes I wish I slept during the programming class 😅. Before you rush to do a master’s degree, know what you are good at and specialize in it. It will take you far.

3. Your Boss is your boss 

Heeey… You’re beautiful, curvy, and all good compliments that you appreciate from the male gender . Just because your boss said it, it doesn’t make it any special. Let your relationship with your boss{s} be an employee-employer relationship. The more you entertain them, the higher the chances of working under their Mercy. My mentor once said, very few bosses “use” their employees and still keep them. Be very careful that you never get lured to their trap. Don’t be disrespectful; keep boundaries.

4. Your colleagues are only your friends while the employment lasts 

While trying to build your career, I know you will get so many openings and meet so many people, but heey.. your colleagues are your colleagues, don’t mistake them for being your friends. The moment you leave the job, the relationship ends. Either way, you have nothing common to talk about. Don’t be antisocial; know your position. Again, keep boundaries.

5. You never get rich while employed 

I’ll not tell you not to pursue employment; neither will I tell you not to venture into business. Simply because our paths are different. But in reality, show me an employed millionaire, and I’ll show you their unknown side hustle. Don’t just sit and work for someone else; think outside the box, get something you can do alongside employment as you invest in building an empire. Note: Don’t be unfaithful to your employer. You will reap what you sow.


6. Never sleep with a man to get a job

I have seen gals that have traded their dignity for a position. Darling, you’d rather guard it with all diligence; you might never get it back. You’d rather remain unemployed and sell boiled eggs than have sex to secure a position. Let your skills take you there; they will keep you.

7. Rome was not built in one day 

Hey darling, you can’t build an empire in one day; you need capital, knowledge, resources, etc., to get going. Even as you do something extra alongside employment, take lessons, get experience so that even as you leave the employment opportunity, you are really sure of what you have gone to do out there…

8. Enjoy life but don’t be a fool 

I know there is so much excitement that comes with finishing school, but heeey.. life has just begun, darling. When you get paid, don’t spend the money like there is no tomorrow, don’t be a fool, earn, spend wisely, save for tomorrow, and invest… It’s fun to go out every Friday, but it comes with a cost. Sometimes ask yourself questions like can I do it tomorrow, is it worth the investment, time, and money, is it important? Be wise.

9. Grow 

Seek to make progress in life. If you get hosted by a friend while at your Kafirst  job, save and move out as soon as possible, it will make you responsible. Strive to be a better person each day, financially, physically, mentally, and socially

10. There will be so much pressure; walk in your timeline

During my graduation, one of my aunts said that the next event they want to attend at home is my Ruracio. Expect so much pressure from your peers, family, and friends. Expect lots of “are you dating?” “ruracio ni lini?” the list is endless. Society already has a deadline in their minds for everyone, don’t try to please them. Walk your path. It’s ok to date at 26, and it’s ok to get married at 30, it’s ok to buy a nice car before marriage. And as you focus on walking your path, do not miss any opportunity, if a good man comes at 24… Love them and get married. My point is, don’t make any decision under pressure.

11. You are a city on a hill

All eyes are on you. Your siblings are looking up to you, your parents are expecting a few coins to help meet their home bills, your colleagues have their eyes on you. Most importantly, as a Christian, please remember you are the bible everyone around you reads. Set a good example.

12. Every day you approach your grave 

Unfortunately, people use the You Only Live Once phrase more than You Only Die Once. Gaal, leave a legacy, live at peace with everyone. Don’t pick up fights, huku nnje watakuua na wakuzike na usahaulike. I know people take advantage of good people, but you know what, darling, it costs you nothing to be a good person. It actually gives you satisfaction, and you easily become lovable by those you associate with.

That said, pick your poison. Walk in your path and take lessons. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Please take care of yourself for me. Don’t give in to the earthly pleasures and lose yourself. Be sober, make wise decisions, and above all, pursue the will of your maker. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and ALL these things{a good life, a good hubby, beautiful children, etcs} will be added to you. Seek ye first the face of God, and the benefits of His hands will follow you.


(Miss Mundiah)

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