How to Pursue Healing with Intent

I love faith stories. I love stories that bring out the character of God and more. That’s why I share stories on my blog Faith Journey Stories. I love the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Healing

Mark 5:21-40, tells the story of two people; Jairus’ daughter, 12 years old and the woman with the issue of blood who had bled for 12 years. Number 12 represents perfection and authority.

Jesus was actually on His way to heal Jairus’ daughter when the woman with the issue of blood received her healing. The woman had sought healing from different people, probably priests, seers, magicians, witch doctors, sell group leaders and so on, but nothing changed, and that is what happens when we pursue healing in the wrong places.

For this woman to use the opportunity to find her healing means she had heard about Jesus and what He does, and probably, at this point, when He was going to heal Jairus’ daughter, she thought, “He can heal me too.”

So right in that crowd following Jesus, she pursued her healing. But since she knew she couldn’t touch Him because people had been avoiding her lest they get into contact with her stench of blood, the woman decided she would touch the hem of His garment.

Because she thought, “If I touch his clothes, I will receive my healing.”

Mark 5:28 NIV

This shows this woman was determined to find her healing, she pursued it at all cost, and she found it.

A woman of God I love recently said to me, “do you know God healed you? And everything changed, your approach to life, your countenance, everything and no one was involved, just God.” That is what happens when Jesus heals you; His package is full, and everything changes.

Immediately her bleeding stopped, and she felt free from her suffering.

Mark 5:29 NIV

My Healing Journey

I have been sexually assaulted by different people four times before, at different ages. No, this does not make my case special; I know of people who have grown up being defiled almost daily, but my case was different.

We are all broken differently by different things, but we all need one savior, Jesus. Before one wound was healed, another happened, and I had no time to heal from the experiences. I carried a luggage of wounds and trauma.

These wounds didn’t just break my heart and destroy my mind; they crushed my entire life. I thought my parents were responsible for my healing. I expected them to be there for me, to heal me, I expected the few friends who knew about it to be there for me, to heal me, and even servants of God who knew about it to be there for me and heal me, and I lived broken and lost for 19 years.

When I was tired, I learned no one is responsible for my healing, no matter how much they love me and care for me. They are not responsible. I am.

I stopped blaming people, I stopped taking out on people, I stopped bleeding on people, and I decided I would find healing in Jesus, and I did.

He did not just heal my heart and mind, and He healed my entire body that had been weakened by pain. He healed my spirit, my friendships, and my perceptions; the package of healing from Jesus is full, a premium kind. He does not just heal us; He makes us whole.

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go In peace and be freed from your suffering.”

Mark 5:34 NIV

Our responsibility is to pursue healing intentionally! I pray that you will realize no one is responsible for your healing but you. Life and people might wound you, but they won’t heal you.

They say time heals. No, it does not. What you do with that time concerning your healing will determine whether you’ll receive healing. Jairus’ daughter was raised back to life, the woman with the issue of blood was healed, I was healed, you too can, the wound does not matter, your faith in Jesus does.

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  1. Shalom, I am grateful that I got to read this piece. Indeed, this is a wake up call to a place of healing with intent. There is a shift that has happened in my mind. Thank you and may the Lord equip you and continue to use you.

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