Raising a New Generation with God’s Help

Most of us have watched a movie called War Room. For those that have not, I am here for you. It starts with a woman visiting her husband’s graveside with her son. We later learn that this woman’s husband was a military man, and most of the time, he was not at home because of duty.

The few times he is at home, the only thing they do best is argued and quarrel with his wife. Years later, after she has been firm in the Lord, God gives her the assignment to reach out to a woman who is most likely the young version of her; this woman’s marriage is at risk of ending.

The older woman is connected to this woman by her wish to sell her house. So she takes this opportunity to get to know the younger lady, a friendship is created, and she gets a rapport, and the younger lady explains her marriage’s trouble.

The older woman explains to her friend that battles are fought on their knees and not with words. The younger woman is willing to learn and draw wisdom from the older, and together with the help of God, they salvage the marriage. This movie is still my favourite. I love to call the older lady Elizabeth and the younger one Mary.

The Importance of Mentorship in Building Strong Spiritual Foundations

Elizabeth’s child leaped into her womb for joy when he heard Mary’s greeting. Mary decides to stay with her for three months and then leaves to go to her house. These months were of impartation and encouraging her to go on and trust in the Lord.

In these months, she saw love act out in the marriage of an older couple, something she was going to start with Joseph. She saw the walk of two people who had lost hope of getting a child and whom God had smiled on. A time she got to see people who had allowed the Lord to have His way. They had no intentions of correcting Him. An older couple had seen all; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Understanding the Role of Elizabeth and Mary in Our Lives as Mentors and Mentees in our generation

At this time, she was getting to understand the true meaning of her response, “be it unto me according to your word,” At times, we don’t doubt the word of the Lord or the promise He made to us.

Still, we want someone to identify the spark, hold our hand as we add unto the spark some firewood, as we fan to flame the deposits He put in us, stay with us until we have understood how to go about it, and maybe leave when we get the fire stable.


The Marys in Our Lives: Finding and Encouraging Them

Your Mary Could be that daughter you have given everything to but never made time to engage in a conversation with. They don’t need one-time advice. They need your hand to walk with them through this unfamiliar path.

Marys are all around us, but our preoccupation with ourselves has blinded us to see the enemy’s tactic to wipe out the next generation. Judges 2:10 says, “when all that generation (of Joshua) had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the works which He had done for Israel.”

The Urgency of Reaching Out to the Next Generation

If we are not careful, we will have a generation that will not know who the Lord is; therefore, they will be tossed to and fro by every wind. The story of your life may be dull and too ordinary for your ears, but it might stir the heart of Mary to believe in the unseen God.

When she knows that once you were barren and now you are with child, she may trust Him too with what He promised her. They need you to encourage her, believe in them, hold her hand, and walk with them.
Your Mary could be that young boy that wants to know Mathematics.

It could be your younger sister who is in puberty and experiencing some identity crisis. Maybe it is that young couple starting a relationship, that first-time mum trying to get her way around motherhood, or even those newlyweds in your church trying to adapt to living together.

It could be that daughter you have given everything to but never made time to talk to. They don’t need one-time advice. They need your hand to walk with them through this unfamiliar path. The world philosophy of every man for himself and God for us all should not be in your mouth if you are a believer.

Please do not be selfish with your life experiences. The most fulfilled people in the world have chosen to give themselves out for the common good of the human race.

You don’t have to show them that you know the answer to everything. Show them that sometimes you don’t know what is happening, but you press on. Naomi did not have an explanation to make when she lost her husband and, years later, her sons.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Walking with Marys and Timothys Through the Journey

She had a mixture of emotions and did not hide them from Ruth. She let her see all that there was to the walk with God. And this could be what Ruth admired, her authentic life.

Besides there being milk and honey along the way, there were times when there were bitter herbs and circumcision and mountains and unbelief, but there was never letting go of God. There was still holding firm and trusting in the swings, turns, and roller coasters.

The Bible says that the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few, and we should ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers. Ask the Lord to ship in one, just one Mary or Timothy or Ruth whom you shall work with to the end.

Someone you will pour out your life to and express your vulnerability, someone you will make time for and hold their hand as they try to get around the calling they have.

Work at the pulpit is good, but it is high time we stopped fighting for the positions and posts and gave ourselves away for the creation of raising a generation. Look for your Mary, your Timothy, have a Paul, an Elizabeth. Let this trinity be tightly knit with the Lord as the fourth strand in this chord.


May the Lord give you a strategy to reach out to Mary and Elizabeth. May your circle be the incubation center where no miscarriages shall happen, where the seeds that the Lord has put in you shall be birthed, places, where callings are clarified on our knees and assignments are given. May your walk with God as Elizabeth or Paul be so convicting that Ruth will be so sure that He is the only true God, and all she would have to say is “…and your God my God.

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  1. This is so beautiful.
    The message is very profound and timeless.
    We need not fail in raising a generation after us.
    May God continue using you to edify us, Sifa.

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