How I Compare Stilettos and Faith

Writer’s block, whoa! It is a real thing. Your head goes blank on you while you need it to function the most. Hats off to every writer, especially the ones that write daily. It must be something, and you all are my icons. I am still trying to crack that. So today I try to talk about stilettos.

Anyway, my block has been for almost a month now, and my friends saw it as an excuse to be lazy and complacent. It would be best if you had such people in your circle, not the yes-yes kind that will see you go into a ditch and applaud you for that.

I have been looking at my stilettos and think there may be something there. So I look at them more intently. The thought was rudely interrupted by my friend, who wanted us to go out.

We randomly came up with the idea to go bike riding to a place called Gatundu, from Juja. And it was gone, the block was gone. While painfully peddling, trying to reach my friends, I got something, Faith. She is a beautiful lady, I must say. I mean, the beautiful call her attractive, and I, by the way, am the beauty calling her that, let’s not mix stuff.

Faith and Stilettos

I met her at the gate, and in a snap, she invited me for her birthday that Sunday after church. I was fresher, and she was free-spirited to ask my friend and me. I remember her vividly because she is the first lady I saw with stilettos, not pumps, stilettos. Later I met with other ladies who wore them, but my memory was stuck on Faith because I relate Stilettos with Faith.

Putting on stilettos in the hilly Murang’a means you have Faith. Faith, Faith that you will come back home with no injuries from a fall or a twist; having those stilettos the whole day without the backup of some flat shoes is an entirely new different faith altogether. Stilettos have a way of changing a dull outfit to one that rocks. It brings out a glow that only it can. Well, it also makes you stand tall, of course.

There’s the lot that won’t become tall even after having those shoes on, the noticeable height, like Faith, then there’s my lot who are tall regardless. You have to come to terms with that your height. Stilettos and Balance Height is relative if you ask me. The secret to looking great in these shoes is how you walk, don’t doubt any step, and walk like you owe no one any debt. Even if the boots are borrowed, walk like they are yours. And don’t look down.


The secret to not twisting your foot or falling is to look ahead. It is like riding a bike. You do not look at the wheel. Look forward, don’t look at the shoes, no matter how beautiful. Balance is found in looking forward. In addition, get all the negative energy out, and don’t think about falling. If you do, you will fall. It reminds me of my ride. Every time I focused on the ditch, I found myself there.

Stilettos and Plan B

Don’t overthink it. Let your feet take you there. The similarity between riding and stilettos is just too much. Put only a little weight on the feet while walking in the stilettos or the hands while riding. All the weight should go to the butt (sorry, there’s no other word for this). You should not carry an extra flat shoe in your bag, but many will disagree, including me.

I know there’s no better feeling than feeling your feet on the ground again after two hours of being high and smiling to everyone that tells you that you look beautiful, and not getting to say to them that you’re taking it all in, with tears, especially if you’re a first-timer. But no pressure, lady in pursuit, we’ll get there, where you have the shoe the whole day with a genuine smile and no backup plan.

Peter and Stilettos

So my ride took me up to Peter, the one Christ called the Rock, the one that chopped off a soldier’s ear to defend the man he had left his fish business for, the one that said he’s never been with Jesus (uriskia wapi?) That Peter, the one who was daring enough to tell Him that if He was the One, then He should ask him to come(the word ‘the One’ makes me want to stray ladies).

And he went, walked for some time, and looked at the “front wheel/stilettos,” and fear gripped him. He couldn’t believe that he was walking on water. In truth, his walk depended on looking forward because in front of him was the Lamb of God, radiant as ever, calling him ahead to Himself. He looked at himself and his effort and forgot that it wasn’t the effort that was required but grace, the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He had already paid for it and was no longer allowed to tiptoe. He was given the dignity and the right to step hard on the scorpions and snakes, and nothing would harm him. The Secret of Stilettos, don’t look down. There was nothing beautiful down to look at, not even his feet, and the Lord was calling him to do life together with him. It is unfortunate that Peter, the Rock was in unfamiliar territory.

No Plan B

There was no backup “flat shoe” to put him afloat. He would have sunk and died even if he had missed a step in his territory. Like speeding on a hill on a bike, a sudden halt can be fatal, no matter how logical it might play out in your head. It can cost you your life. I learned while riding that sometimes the only way to remain alive amid chaos is to press on, move forward, and let the momentum take you there.

Look at Him, the author and perfecter of your Faith. However, if you get to a point where you doubt yourself, no delete that, when you get to a place where you end up questioning what He is telling you He will do with you when you doubt His power and start sinking, He’ll reach out to you, because He loves you when you end up “twisting your foot.” After all, you were too self-conscious.

He will walk With You

And because He loves what He has in store for you, He will get you there. Oh, you of little Faith. Stiletto equals Faith Interestingly, I am yet to see a lady who doesn’t love stilettos, whether she wears them or not. We love heels. Our reasons for not wearing them are varied. For external or internal reasons, I am not judging.

We Christians also love how people look when they’re clothed with Faith. They have a glow that only Faith can bring. They have a beautiful aura about them. Too bad that we always want a backup plan up our sleeves, that we trust Him to get us there but are still holding on to some part and allowing effort to take the glory.

Too bad that we do not want to exercise our Faith in dangerous terrains, too bad that the flat shoe is always too near for a replacement. It is crazy, but I pray that the Lord will take us to an Unfamiliar territory, a place where it is Him or Him, a place where the ground is not within reach because this is the place where some of us will spread our wings and realize that they can fly.

This is the place where we shall look like our father. The next time you put those shoes on, think of these things. Your walk on them is as good as your exercise with them. So let’s exercise.

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  1. So much to identify with here… Thanks for bringing out such a great lesson from the stilleto illustration. You are blessed
    As I learn to trust Him to walk with me,I also yearn for the day I’ll have enough faith to wear stillettos without back up ya flat shoes

  2. Wow. I love the Stiletto o analogy that you’ve used here. And i love stilettos too . Keep being a blessing!

  3. Great lesson, I love how you draw powerful lessons from things we can easily identify with. More grace gal.

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