It is a Hospital, Not a Museum!!!

I know most of us have ever been to a hospital and well, unless you are a doctor, the rest of us go to the hospital because we just have to, not that we really want to or it’s a nice place to be in,the smell itself is not accommodating at all. From the outside, the building always looks nice and beautiful but wait until you get inside…

It is a place with lots and lots of pain, the joy, well most of it comes as a by-product of pain; take for example the joy of a mother as she hears the first cry of her child, or a family rejoicing because of a successful surgery, or when the doctor announces to a patient that the illness ain’t as bad as it was expected to be. What am trying to say is that the joy is always in a way sandwiched in some sort of pain.

The hospital has very many departments and activities all going on at the same time; we have in-patients, out patients, we have mothers and their clinics, we have the aged people with their check-ups, the ICU patients, those awaiting surgeries, those from accidents, burns, lifestyle diseases (I wonder why they call them that by the way), the list goes on and on. Oh yes, we also have a morgue, for the dead.

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