The Side Chats

The only difference between a bus scenario and all the others is the fact that in a bus once you are in, there is no alighting without a cost, neither are life commitments. So before boarding a bus you have to make sure that you are okay with whatever service they are offering. I mean, is the car old or new, does it allow luggage, is it a shukisha beba kinda vehicle or will it take you to your destination express? Will it use the service lanes or you will have to alight huko mbali because they do not want to leave the highway. How is the music on the bus, is it playing gengetone full-blast or soft music? Well, we are busy Kenyans and we have to make sure that every coin we spend gives us value for our money. The only place you can make all this demands is when you are yet to board; otherwise, once you have boarded the mat, the tout and his driver are the bosses. However, sometimes our exhaustion of waiting at the stage for long might blind us to the fact that we end up accepting mediocre. This is especially true because of the curfews that have been stipulated by the government. So we settle, bora ufike home.

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