Have you ever passed in someone’s garden and you couldn’t help but take a photo of it, the way it just brought a sense of peace and comfort. After staying there for a while you decide to try make a garden in your home, you decide to ask the owner of the beautiful garden how to go about it and she is willing to help you. The kind lady gives you tips over a cup of coffee and some muffins. She honestly declares to you that it is not an easy thing to do but you are zealous to see your home look like hers. You start buying magazines that talk about gardens, and seeds that you need to start the exciting work. Good luck.

The day to prepare the field finally comes; dressed up like a farmer, nails well trimmed and a bandanna wrapped on the head you take on the job like you were born for it. You plant the seeds and write a schedule for the watering. The first thing that you do when you wake up is running to the garden to tend to it, sleep is no longer fun, neither is that soap opera you like. The garden becomes your priority. Some weeks later everyone is stopping by just to see your garden. It is breath-taking. You cant believe it’s your home now that has become envy of everyone. People just automatically smile when they come across your garden. Friends come and borrow some flowers to put in their vases at home, others just come sit there and find some form of peace, the fragrance that these flowers bring is just amazing.

The glory of the garden makes you become a little lazy and is that gloating I saw? You start missing to attend to it,”A day won’t do any harm” you tell yourself , then comes two days, then three and before we realize it, it has gotten to weeks… and a month. It is no longer thrilling as it used to be, you go back to the comfort of your sofa as you used to, you no longer enjoy filling your vase with the flowers. People no longer stop by to enjoy your garden and it starts worrying you. So you decide to analyse what it is that is happening and you realize that it is the garden that you have neglected, the fragrance is no longer there, actually it is a stench. You notice there are foreign things that you never planted, the weeds, and they are choking your beautiful flowers. The flowers are in bad shape, others are rotten while others you can’t understand what happened.

I know most of us do not have gardens and if we do, we have not planted flowers in them,unless you are into horticulture. But there are other things in our lives that are so much more like the garden, the flowers to be specific…

The heart and the mind are great minefields, and they can be farms in which we can grow every possible thing we want to. The best thing about them is that there are no limitations when it comes to them, they can make you feel like the most beautiful person you have ever met or the ugliest duckling, they can make you feel like you are the real deal or just a person walking in the motion. When the convictions get to someone’s heart, taking them away can be very difficult.

So one time you have mastered your thoughts, gotten your convictions in order. Aligned your will to the will of God, and the beliefs just express themselves outwardly, you start glowing because you have held firm to what you heard Him say, you got His instructions and the Book has become your favorite, you can’t quite have enough of it. Your mornings are defined by what the Book says, and every time you have a sitting with someone, you can’t help but share the inspirations you have been getting.

plant the right seed and do what you must, what you cannot do leave it to Him, the Great and Skilled Gardener

People start realizing that something’s been happening to you and you know it too. The manual of your life has been doing things to you from the inside out. After some time other things become more important than your quiet time, you forget that your existence depends on every word that comes from Him.Missing a few days will feel like it’s just a normal thing, no harm and the days are always adding up. Some movies here, a song there and all. The convictions you had held firmly to start being at risk.

Insecurities start creeping in, fear of failure, doubting what God told you and repelling even the people that were drawn to you. These are the weeds that we have to be cautious about, they are cancerous, they compete for the nutrients you have, and if the nutrients happens to lack the word of God, your flowers will be chocked. Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:26 was serious when he said that Christ sanctifies and cleanses His bride with the washing of water by the word. You can imagine the stench some of us could be carrying, and mind you stenches have flies as followers!

There is a reason why the armor of God spoken about in Ephesians 6:17, describes the word of God as the sword of the spirit, the only weapon of attacking, the rest are just for protection. The word of God is the only one that can kill and finish off those weeds. Your part is to stand, stand with the word of God, stand with what He promised you.

Go back to what you used to do in the beginning, reading the word might be boring but your life depends on it, the first days may appear to be vain but hold on,pull up your sleeves, keep reading, keep ploughing your garden, uproot those weed, get the zeal back. Don’t allow anything to choke the flowers in your garden. Proverbs 4:23 calls us to “Keep vigilant watch over your heart;that’s where life starts” and being lazy will choke that life out of you. Don’t slumber as long as your heart is concern.

We are to blame because of the garbage we let into our hearts, thinking you are not good enough, contemplating being fired, thinking of rejection even before you go for that interview,the list is endless and when our lives produce the thoughts we have been feeding our minds,we say it is the devil. Galatians reminds us that we reap what we sow, so kindly mind the seeds you are sowing in your mind for they will take root in your heart and then become real in your life. Stop giving, failure or fear too much thought and just go right ahead and do what you hear God has called you to do, stop thinking so much of that divorce, you know that God hates it, speak the right nutrients into that situation, kill those babies before they become kings, too strong to kill.

Your heart requires daily workouts, be diligent at it and you shall enjoy the good of the land. You are the first beneficiary of the produce your heart will give you. You are not a victim of circumstances, maybe you are just lazy because I believe that where there is a will a way always come up.Do not worry about the watering, the Lord will make it rain and your harvest shall be bountiful, plant the right seed and do what you must, what you cannot do leave it to Him, the Great and Skilled Gardener. He prunes and mulches and adds fertiliser and all, some of the things He shall do might not be interesting but will cause you pain, but He won’t kill you. The ball is in your court, are you willing to glow again, and give a fragrance? Are you willing to partner with God to make this world a better place? Are you willing to blossom?

Then you have to go back and TEND THE GARDEN OF YOUR HEART




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