The Black Friday

The bad thing about being in a dark place is that we come face to face with ourselves, who we really are, our true character

Have you ever postponed reading for an exam until the last night to the exam only for there to be a black out on the eve of the exams, your phone to have no charge and to actually not have the notes as a back up. If something can explain hell explicitly for a student, this will actually do. What pain we feel when the time we always thought we had elapses.

Some of us would pray for the exams to actually be postponed or worse still, for something terrible to happen to the lecturer or just something out of the ordinary to stop the exams, because no one wants to face something unprepared and if you are like me, I hate tests and exams, I mean I told you I got the concept why do have to waste my time and yours trying to test me, don’t you trust me?

He was among the first people to be chosen to join the fold, I would say he was the sanguine of the whole team. According to Simon Peter, he loved Jesus most. The man who actually gave the answer to the question, Who do you say I am? He knew his Master.

Simon Peter was his new name, meaning the rock, on which the church of Christ would be built. It was a real privilege. After asking what it was for them because they had left everything to follow the Master, He said they’ll get more here and life eternal.

He was among the inner circle of Jesus I would say because Christ took Peter with Him to pray in His hour of need.

Then came this dreadful day, the Master had spoken of it for several times but no one really heard or understood what He was talking about. When He finally explained to them during the breaking of Bread, Peter did not want to hear any of it. How can Jesus say such a thing? Especially now that they were becoming popular… This was not right, it wasn’t from God. From then I think that’s why he started carrying a knife, they would have to kill him before they got hold of His Lord. Maybe he had carried it even earlier.

Seeing the soldiers coming to take Him, the only thing Peter could think of was killing someone, anyone that got so near at ten feet towards the Lord would die, every teaching he had had for the three years didn’t matter at this time.(Sounds to me like the time when you’re seated in the exam room, only for your mind to format everything)

Peter forgot about all the miracles his Master had performed, he forgot that He had once called Him, the Son of God,that Christ had actually walked on water. He thought his might would keep the Master alive, his own effort. He didn’t even repent when he cut off that man’s ear but He got confused about everything when the Master restored the ear.

Two cannot walk together unless they agree, and he knew there and then they had different opinions and so he followed the master from a distance, he still loved Him. After that things really went very fast, one minute he is sitting with some guys by the fire then a lady comes and says he was with the master, he denies that(let’s not forget that Peter was a sanguine,at least in my head he is), actually thrice, the Cock crows and that’s that. Things couldn’t get any worse, his Master is crucified with thieves on either side and with Him goes all the hopes Peter had of ever becoming something greater than just the fisherman. And what was that Kingdom He kept on speaking about? Talk of a total blackout in the life of a full grown man. Judas had killed himself because he couldn’t stand it anymore, could be Simon just feared death, he loved himself too much.

Too bad we never know when a blackout is coming, we never know when our reservoir will be required, and if we are empty, well… That’s too bad because that is what we will give out, total emptiness.

The bad thing about being in a dark place is that we come face to face with ourselves, who we really are, our true character.A reputation can play well from the outside but not in the confines of your room with yourself as your own judge. It shows you the places you have been applying too much makeup, the place where you are all dirty and need working on. It shows you the acts of service won’t really help much if your heart is not right, shows you that you’re either right with God or not.

The limelight has a way of giving us a facade of stuff. Especially if you’re an extrovert,an introvert too can have a false sense of themselves, Just because you’re too quiet does not mean your thoughts are cool and collected. It can actually lie to us.

Being in a position in church and “working for the Lord” can always make us run away from ourselves and what actually needs to be done within ourselves. Being an Usher at church can make you pass up praying or devotions to avoid being late. However when the lights go off, we might end up finding eggshells of ourselves and we might honestly end up saying ” I do not know Him.” What a sad place to find ourselves.

Glory to God because He is the only one that can get to humble us without ever humiliating us. In this dark season we are in, let’s get acquainted with the Master. In this dark season when we cannot actually do much “service” let us become, let us build our muscles and we shall get to do things for the Lord from a place of knowing Him. In this dark season when you’re not required to have an opening verse as the praise team leader, let’s open that book and get to know the Master.

Let this blackout be only an outside thing but let the inward spark start to shine even brighter. Let’s allow Him to convict us of sin and let us do away with being too familiar with Him. Let Him give us a name, a name that comes from the revelation of knowing who He really is, because we can know Him at one time and truly not know Him in the next.

It gets darkest when Dawn approaches, just like it was at the Cross when He gave up His life. This dark cloud shall pass, but let it be the best time of our lives

So as we remember His Crucifixion, let us also be crucified with Him, let us surrender all the physical weapons we have carried along in a spiritual warfare, let us take to the Cross the sin that easily entangles, let us take to the Cross every thought, idea, myth, misconception and habit that has raised itself above the knowledge of Christ.

The blackout is here with us and what we do with it is up to us, the results are dependent on how you took it, the death of Jesus left two men, Peter and Judas at a difficult place, one said He didn’t know Him, the other acknowledged to have known Him. One ended up dying while the other gave His first sermon and was burning for Him. The lights are coming up, the light will come up and we will all see.

The greater joy is knowing that the light will come, that actually you are that light, the light of the world, a city on a Hill that cannot be Hidden. No longer living in the sidelines, no longer just doing things in the limelight but most importantly being the same thing even in the darkest night, because, that brethren is the among the reasons why he took the Cross, that we may also raise with Him and be The Christian.

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  1. Awesome read. My time to this is really worth it. And in loving the revelations coming with this period. May I also come out with something new out of this blackout. I am the light of the world. More grace girl and keep writing about Christ.

  2. Great insights here. This has triggered alot of reflection in me. I’m struck by this portion of the piece where you address Peter’s reaction (Afraid of the uncertain and wants to use his efforts to stop it)when the blackout falls and His attitude (burning to make Christ known). May God help us to exercise our faith when we are really needed to rather than abandoning it and seeking other quick fixes. Indeed your hands are held by a skillful writer. Continue being productive and effective in His vineyard for His glory

  3. I have just finally got to read this and I am s moved by it! What a good Word in due season! Thank you so much for sharing! Bless you!!!

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