The Great Power of God: Emotional and Mental Healing

The Great Power of God: Emotional and Mental Healing

So tonight something came to my mind, have you ever gone through the process it takes for a wound to become a scar, has it ever occurred to you that everything can be related back to our relationship with God?

we all know that no matter how cautious we get we cannot protect ourselves from injuries, they are inevitable, and in one way or the other, you’ll get out there and hurt yourself. Well, some injuries are more serious than others, others require medical attention while others will heal even without much care. Now let me address those that require a medic.

Understanding Physical Wounds and the Healing Process

When we get a deep cut, we feel pain and the doctors work to stop the bleeding. They stitch us up, give us painkillers, and send us home. But the healing process is far from over. The doctor schedules follow-up visits for dressing, as the wound needs proper care to heal and avoid infection.

During this time, our movement may be limited, and the wound may cause discomfort and inconvenience. Over time, the wound becomes a scar, and we can barely remember the healing process.

The doctor then tells you that you are supposed to come after two days for dressing. Tears well up in your eyes when you imagine the excruciating pain that you have just felt. You try asking the doctor if it’s really necessary to do all that, then he tells you that dressing is a must if you want the wound to heal and also to prevent it from rotting and stinking.

With the wound, you cannot do as much as you used to, and if it’s a leg, then movement is even limited to some extent. To cut the long story short, the dressing continues, then you no longer need the bandage since the wound needs some air and it’s not much at risk of bacterial infection, then as time goes by, it’s only a scar and you can’t even remember the whole process.

Emotional and Mental Wounds

Well, the good thing about a physical wound is that it can be checked and the progress can be analyzed. But my worry is about those wounds that cannot be seen or analyzed.

What about the emotional wound, the mental wounds, those wounds that a doctor can’t see or suture or even dress? What happens to those wounds, because we know too well that they need the same attention as the physical wound or even more, who tends to them?

God does, He is the great physician, you know, Jehovah Rapha is a healer. He is the balm of Gilead…

Seeking Healing From God

Allow me not to digress and take you to step by step about the tending of the inner wounds.

You see we are in a fallen world and we are all under the saving grace of God. We can get crazy at times you know. We can hurt fellow brethren in the process, some hurts are not as deep but others get us to the core, they break us to some point but it is always up to us to decide whether we’ll remain there or we’ll arise and take ourselves to the Great Physician

The healing power of God: the process of emotional and mental healing
we forget to take the prescriptions, the pills (prayer and word) given to us

You need not tell Him much about where it’s hurting, you just have to release yourself to Him and let Him do what needs to be done. The first visit would be to suppress pain but let that not lie to you that you are a perfectly okay friend, you need some more regular visits for dressing and more check-ups.

Sorry to say but if there’s some pus, there will be pressing also. The sad thing is that we do not go through the whole process of healing with God, we don’t let Him tend to us, we get tired after two or three visits, and we forget to take the prescriptions, the pills (prayer and word) given to us.

We even think that the doctor is just out to hurt us when he takes the scalpel and His tools and runs the procedure. But He says that He has the best intention at heart. He does not intend to harm us.

The Consequence of not seeking Healing

The funny thing about hurt is that if it is not well taken care of, it births a stench and a stench cannot be hidden or ignored… And the stench of mental and emotional wounds are unforgiveness and bitterness, these birth stagnation.

This stench is so serious that it wears you down, it steals your joy and peace that is so free in matters of Christianity. In a fallen world, hurt is inevitable, people will hurt you, one way or the other, no matter how cautious you are.

Those that will cause you much pain are those closest to you, those you serve with in church, those that you were vulnerable with and shared your deepest secrets. Yes, they will cause you so much pain that you’d wish the pain would cease.

It is only the Lord that can reach to us and attend to these unreachable wounds and pain, let him in so that He can treat you, do not shut Him out, and don’t shut people out so as not to get hurt, that is lame.

Seeking Healing from God

In the same way, you can’t remain indoors so as not to be hurt, don’t shut people out in the name of avoiding getting hurt, and let people in. Let those walls you’ve been building put people out.

Live life and if at all you get hurt again go to the Doctor again, let Him take care of you, let him take you through the whole process of healing again, let Him dress those wounds and wash what needs to be washed.

If you allow Him to cater for that wound, friend it will just be a matter of time before you’ll be on your feet once again, the wound that caused you so much pain would just be a scar, a reminder of what it was like but the pain won’t be there anymore.

One process of healing is by forgiving. Someone said that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, do not deny yourself this gift… Let go of people and let God, because people will always do what people do. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, and that is a sign of pride.

Jesus died for the very people that hurt Him. And if you say that You no longer live but He lives in you, and if that’s the case, then we should not expect anything less, wounded or not, we are meant to love, we are meant to abide in oneness and we are to fight on and be alert so that we shall not fall prey to the devil’s schemes. Do not remain in your wounded state, take it to the Doctor.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, God is the Great Physician who can attend to even the most unreachable wounds and pain. He is the healer we need and can bring us to a full recovery if we allow Him to. Don’t be afraid to seek healing from God, and don’t limit your life by avoiding people and situations out of fear of getting hurt.

Embrace the healing power of God, and let Him lead you to a life filled with joy and peace. The process of healing emotional and mental wounds may not be easy, but with the love and guidance of God, we can overcome them and live fulfilling lives. Remember, God is always there to comfort and heal us, we just need to reach out to Him

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