Embracing the Journey: Learning to Wait and Experience Life Fully

It is not interesting how we can have friends we are the opposite of. When watching a movie, she would fast-forward the movie until the end. Then if she likes it, she will start it all over again. She does the same thing while reading books. She does not wait to see things unfold.

Then there’s me; when watching, I want to start from the beginning, with no distractions and no spoilers; if you’ve watched the movie, kindly get something to keep you busy while I am watching. Otherwise, brace yourself to watch some drama from me because I would laugh, cry, and even pause it a little to pray; too much, I know. Reminds me of the film, Acrimony that left me emotional for two weeks. The very thought of it right now makes me want to cry. It was unfair.

The Wait is Inevitable

Waiting is an issue humans find hard to deal with, especially when you feel the wait is a waste of time and the next season has better things.

It is funny because when I was small, I couldn’t wait to start walking, I couldn’t wait to start going to school, I couldn’t wait to get to class one, then eight, then high school, and currently, I can’t wait to graduate, then get a job, than live on my own, then get married, then have kids, then… well I haven’t gotten that far after the kids. Sorry to say, but sometimes I couldn’t wait for the service to end.


Even when I know I don’t have anything better to do later, I want the next big thing. We end up finding out that we rushed to the grave. We realize that we ran with life, went through the motions without enjoying anything, and ended up facing the end of life without actually living it.

The assurance of Waiting In God

How about we take on life by the horns and experience everything God has in store for us with the full knowledge of Psalm 139:16, like an open book? You watched me grow from conception to birth; all my life was spread out before you, the days of my life prepared before I’d even lived one day. How about, like the movie, knowing that the best times are yet to come, but while we are waiting for those ideal times, have fun in the not-so-good times.

Let’s take one day at a time, one experience, one season of life. Let’s take time and breathe, remember to breathe. Life has a way of making you too busy even to live it. Instead of saying that I can’t wait for this season to end, how about we experience it and come out with the fruit that the Lord wants us to come out with because it could be that the output of one stage of life or season is the input of the next one.

The Beauty of waiting

What I understand about movies is that it is not just about the end. It is the little episodes that make the whole film worth it. It is about the emotions stirred in each episode that make the end worth it. It is that laughter, those tears, that pain, that suspense that life brings which makes it worth living.

The assurance of Psalm 139 makes us confident that the Lord is the scriptwriter and that every ‘episode’ we go through is relevant, whether we think it’s a mistake or not.

If we had a choice, we would fast forward some parts of our lives and freeze others. Unfortunately, with life, there’s no cheating. You’ll have to read the whole book and watch the entire movie. You will have to live with the suspense of what tomorrow holds.

While I wait

Unfortunately, with life, today you will be laughing hard, and tomorrow you will be so broken to the point of wanting to end your life altogether. One day you have everything all figured out, and the next day you’re unsure whether to get out of bed or continue sleeping.


While I am waiting for that ‘better season’ to come, that ideal season so well planned in my head, I will enjoy this one. I will experience it with all of me, tears and pain, chastening and correcting. And most importantly, I will experience it even on my knees because this life is about living, and living is messed up sometimes, and one needs to be constantly on their knees to get perspective.

While waiting for that ‘better stage,’ I will surrender to Him for Him to make me what the next stage requires. Instead of grumbling and whining, I will let Him do what He only knows is necessary for that next stage.

While waiting, I won’t fast-forward or peek into the future with astrology and palm reading. I won’t try to put on repeat mode the season he says is done. I won’t let my anxieties and insecurities push me to stuff that will make me regret it. I will allow Him to do things at His own pace; I will allow Him to take time in whatever He says is worth taking on because, after all, the teacher declares the student ready for the next level.

In conclusion

While I am waiting, I will wait in you with an expectant heart because I am confident enough to know that there is no good thing You will withhold from them that seek you diligently. Finally, in the wait, I will get to learn that no season’s better than the other because, just like a movie or a book, they all sum up to the end of the story, and it all sums up to, ‘well done oh good and faithful servant.’

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  1. Great insights, I can relate on the episodes in life that if it were possible rewinding I would keep on pressing that button. But year, life is made up of varied episodes all for a purpose. Thanks for that reminder.

  2. I am particularly intrigued by your style of writing ❤️ I can’t get enough of your write-ups

    Nice piece

  3. Wow! Interesting read here… I will go through my seasons with a grateful heart trusting that God had it scripted for His own reasons

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