Comfort In Transition: The Power Of A ‘Transition Song’

Our Christian Union fellowship usually has two leads, one for praise and another for worship. We always start with prayer, unlike many churches. The session takes at most 40 minutes; 20 in each category. We also have an intercessory session that goes for like thirty minutes. Then we have a transition song.

It is always challenging to transition the congregation from worship to praise or vice versa; therefore, different leads have adapted other ways to make an easy transition.

After leading the worship, there are those who would pray and then hand over to the praise lead, and there are those who will tell their congregation to clap their hands in thanksgiving as he hands over to the praise lead.

The power of a transition song

As the praise lead takes over, he, too, should have a technique of slowly ushering people to praise. Some read the Word, while others will use a transition song.

A transition song is a song that has a faster tempo than worship but slower than praise. It is more lukewarm music, both slow and fast. It has always come in handy for me, especially when I lead short songs, as it is my cup of tea sometimes.

It helps create an atmosphere for the following lead. It is like an appetizer to the main course or dessert afterward. It takes you from the somber mood you had in worship to the next lively one or vice versa.

It gives time for those kneeling to rise, those who had been crying to at least reach out for the handkerchief and make themselves up; We all know how we look after what we have gotten from that deep prayer session.

The Dynamics of the transition

It reminds me that the Lord who gave me the ability to tackle the previous season is also faithful in this upcoming season. The songs, in a way, give me perspective, realign me to the will of God, and in a way remind me that” hata hili litapita” ( this too will pass ).

What the transition song does is that it prevents the whole session from going through an awkwardly quiet moment as we wait for the next session. It reminds us that we haven’t figured out the praise session yet, and the tempo is not as we would have wanted it, but we don’t have to be quiet.

We can sing along the way to the new, unfamiliar session. It reminds us that things don’t have to be in pin-drop silence as we prepare to put on our dancing shoes and sing as the instruments are configured for the following lead.

Filling the Awkward Moment with a ‘Transition Song’

That in-between moment of figuring out what to do, where to go next, and how to do things does not have to be awkward and painful. It doesn’t have to be quiet and stressful, either. We can fill it up with a ”transition song.”

Transitioning Through Life's Unfamiliar Situations with a 'Transition Song'

When strange and unexpected things come up, always look for a way to transition to them and sing along because whether we like it or not, life will always snap us out of our comfort zone without an alert text or notice whatsoever.

Life takes things from you immediately after you have mastered them and takes you in a whole kindergarten experience of something you never thought you could be in.

The Israelites forgot that the Lord, who had done wondrous things in Egypt, was still faithful to bring them to Canaan and that the wilderness was just a transition, not a destination.

They grumbled and complained and failed to notice the ”small miracles” the Lord was doing in their midst, like providing manna daily and the pillars of fire and cloud to protect them. That generation died in the transition because they failed to believe in the process God was taking them through.

From Gloom to Anticipation with a ‘Transition Song’

Life doesn’t have to stop just because a difficult situation has come your way. Things don’t have to get weird because you are starting all over again. Find your transition song and sing along until you’re stable to tackle the new situation. I am not telling you to sing, though.

It’s a good strategy that I often use. God has a way of making me get a song for the season I am going through, and it makes my transition bearable. The songs, in a way, give me perspective, realign me to the will of God, and in a way remind me that” hata hili litapita” ( this too will pass ).

How do you transition

Find that thing that will make things seem okay though you’re clutching at a straw deep down. For some, your transition song will be reading the Word of God and holding firm to His promises.

For others, it would be praying more, not to arm-twist God but to be comfortable as you align your will to God’s will. For others, it will mean going on social media fast as you try to find your way. A transition song helps me appreciate the previous session for what it was and creates anticipation for the session that is yet to come.

It reminds me that the Lord who gave me the ability to tackle the previous season is also faithful in this upcoming season.

I found out that the praise and worship session always went wrong when I became too self-conscious of my environment. What would people say if the instrumentalists were doing their work if I was hitting the right notes?

Suppose the Lord had forgiven me of my past sins if my dress looked good on me, and the like. I realized that when I focused on only pleasing the Lord, things had a way of falling into place, everything went in harmony, and the whole process became enjoyable.

Partnering with God in the Process of Transitioning

So I encourage you to partner with God in that season of unemployment, divorce, loss of a loved one, widowhood, pregnancy, completion of school, marriage, retirement, illness, and any other sort of thing you find yourself in is unfamiliar to you. Let the Holy Spirit take the lead and take you through the process of transitioning, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Don’t be gloomy in your transition, do not allow depression in your system. Do not call a pity party and start sulking about the unfairness of life. Do not see yourself as unworthy and allow self-esteem issues to take away your joy. Rise and look up. That is where your help comes from. You can cry, but let your cry go up to God.


Allow Him to give you perspective. Take note of the “small miracles” He is doing, like giving you peace and joy. Find your stability in God and let Him anchor you. The transition will not kill you. It is not the end. A change can be the best season of your life, and it all depends on your faith in God because if He brought it your way, He sure knows that you can handle it.

Sing dearest betrothed, sing yourself to the unfamiliar because the Lord is singing over you with songs of deliverance (Psalms 32:7). “Zaidi ya yote atabaki kuwa Mungu” (He remains to be God above all situations)

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  1. This is great just know you have encouraged someone…transition can be the best season of my life,,thanks.

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