This Means War(part 2): 3 Best Ways to Engage in Spiritual Warfare

Like I said earlier in part one, I do not like movies that have to deal with war. I know I speak for many daughters of Sara. I do not like bloody and chaotic scenes. I don’t even like mortal kombat game, I sort of take it personally, when a friend shoots at ‘me’ .I am a peace loving lady and my choice of movies will tell you that. Unfortunately I can’t seem not to watch these kinds of movies or play these kinds of games because of my male friends. They love such, so one time or the other I will find myself watching or playing, not willingly though.

So again, I remembered a movie I watched and I will borrow so much from it, allow me not to tell you the name of the movie because many war movies almost have the same story line:

The army pressed forward to the battlefield, some were shaking but the warmth of the team gave them strength to move towards the common enemy. Some were on horses and others were on foot but it didn’t matter, they were one and all they wanted was to conquer this enemy. They all had their armor of course and each used the weapon which he was more equipped with and skilled to use. They sang songs as they charged towards the battlefield, it was now or never. They had seen how the enemy had taken away everything they treasured, they had lost everything and right now they had nothing to lose, whether they live or die, it was coined on what will happen this very day.

They were to start with arrows, then use the sword. The secret was to go together as a team, no one was to be left alone in the heated battleground.

The war continued, those that got injured had some soldiers that were carrying them to the rear end , so that they can be attended to. Those that fell and couldn’t be carried were at least lifted so as to avoid being killed by a stampede. The war continued, this was a defining moment for these people, it was their time now. Their fathers had done their part and it was time for them to be approved.

To cut the long story short, my team won, victory was theirs….

Sportsmen depend on each other for fame, but soldiers depend on each other for survival

War means no spectators

You see, unlike a sports there are no spectators in the battlefield. You are either in the war or out. Someone said, “Sportsmen depend on each other for fame, but soldiers depend on each other for survival. “

This is also true in life, Christianity in particular. It’s not about fame, it’s about living. It’s about being alert. Most importantly it’s about teamwork. In matters Christianity, you don’t overcome the enemy by walking alone or living in solitude. You need a team, not just any team, but one that is tired of the oppression of the enemy. One that is ready to lift you up when you are down. Remember is roaring like a lion looking for one to devour. No matter how strong the lion is, he does not attack a Herd or a pack, but he looks for the lonely, weak, secluded prey.

You need a team that is ready to cover you and keep on charging at the enemy when you are injured. A team that will take you to the rear where the war is not heated up when you get hurt. A team that will take your case to the Lord in prayer like it was their own.

3 best ways to engage in spiritual warfare

War means teamwork

It’s high time we embraced sisterhood daughters of Sarah. Enough with hugging your sister while you’re stabbing her at her back. Enough with gossiping about a sister in the name of “let’s pray for sister so and so”, It’s high time we encircled her with a hedge of fire when she’s been thrown down by the enemy and covered her until she can rise up again. It’s high time we created a safe place for our sisters to share their innermost pain.

We need to outgrow the small talks of “she doesn’t even look pretty in that dress, she is a pretender, imagine she backslid, the way she used to worship you couldn’t tell she could fall into such”. The woman at the well preferred the scorching sun to burn her than hear the women gossiping about her at the well. It is so sad that women see each other as a threat,fighting against each other instead of fighting against the enemy. Let’s outgrow that and cover the nakedness of our fellow sisters.

War means Accountability

It’s high time we encircled her with a hedge of fire

In a battlefield, the soldiers don’t go home until every soldier is accounted for. Let’s not act okay while some of our sisters are unaccounted for. Let no one be left behind.

In a battlefield an injured soldier is not killed, he is carried. It doesn’t matter how she fell, please carry her. If she is too heavy for you, take her to the Lord in prayer but do not leave her to die. Do not thrust that sword in her chest with the excuse that she will derail you.

In the battlefield, the soldiers charge as one. Personal grudges are left at home. In war they are one, with the same uniform, a symbol of oneness. Sisters, let your differences not cause you to fight against each other in the battlefield, let it be covered as you charge towards the common enemy.

So sorry, sorry to the sisters I didn’t fight with but fought against. Sorry to the sisters I didn’t cover and allowed the enemy to attack. Am especially Sorry to the sisters I used my own sword to thrust through and kill, though not physically. Sorry to the sisters I saw as a threat instead of as a partner. For these am sorry.

From now henceforth, let’s charge towards the common enemy, let’s fight as a team. So sister in this battlefield I will watch your back as you watch mine. In this battlefield sister, your well-being is my priority. Victory without you will be meaningless. I need you to survive because if at all you don’t make it out alive in this battle,the King will need an explanation. I need you to survive because we’re a team in the battlefield.



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  1. Very deep.. it’s my prayer that we may counted as good soldiers who fought the good fight of faith

    1. Part 2…real and triggering to act, I love the clarity, Godly love begins it all.

  2. I really love the insight am reminded of the account that we shall give to Christ and without watching each others back in the battle field then we have nothing to account for…. good Job Sifa

  3. That was really nice may you continue writing and I’m sure you will change life’s of many

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