Redoing My I DO


We had planned with a friend to wake up early for some serious prayers today. I was in that place in my walk with the Lord that even saying grace was becoming an issue. You see, I felt like we had drifted apart, mind you I had not done anything sinful to accredit that feeling but I was just there, you know we are ok but not talking. That feeling of thinking that you’ve had enough already known Him too well. As I was praying the sweet Holy Ghost took me through a marriage situation this is how it went in my head:
Something like two decades ago, you couldn’t wait to walk down the isle to say “I do” to this tall dark and handsome man of God 😉. And then you can’t wait for the wedding to end so that the honeymoon can officially start. Am not married but I sure know that it is an awesome thing to be newly married. You know the new love, all fresh and so promising. I don’t have the word for it yet, but let’s use “magical” for now. The holding of hands, checking up on each other, being sensitive, talking for hours, enjoying each others’ company, and saying sorry is as natural as breathing oxygen.
Then here you are, twenty years down and four kids, a career and a home to show for it. At this time all is faded and everything is just normal. The marriage is kind of beaten by life and chocked love out the window. You haves6 become so familiar with each other and everything goes. You no longer say words like “am sorry” or “thank you” . You have become so busy with the kids until you have forgotten the core reason why you even got married. You are just surviving marriage…
Where am I driving at with all these marriage stuff? We have been married to Christ, haven’t we. You remember the times when you just couldn’t have enough of Him and just like Mary you just sat at His feet marvelling at what came out of His mouth. Everytime you just sighed words like “Lord, I love you” “Lord I honor you” and the like. But now some years down, with a ministry to take care of and some duties to do, we have shifted our focus from Him to the “creature”. We have shifted our attentions from Him, you know, we’d rather spend hours talking about how faithful and good and merciful He’s been to us than going to Him and telling Him all that in prayer. We’d rather consult from others about Him than sit down and look at His Word. We’d rather put loud music and all the noise than sit down in silence and listen to His very heart.
Like Martha we have neglected that good portion which shall not be taken away from us. Ministry is a good thing, fellowship is also good, but then again then are not an end to themselves they are not the main course, our relationship with Christ is. You can be serving Him and doing all the things that pertains to Christianity and still miss the point. Like Martha we could be choosing that which will be taken away from us. I compare it to a mother who focuses so much on motherhood and forgets that she is also a wife, what happens to her when the kids grow up and they start leaving home, what happen when what she had taken so much time and energy to invest is “taken away” away from her. She looks at her side and realizes that she doesn’t even know the man at her side. She has been serving him for years and yet she does not know him at all. Likewise the same case can happen to a believer : the usher, the praise and worship leader, the pastor and the like, what happens when you retire from that ministry, or for some reason, someone takes your place, or even lets not even go that far, what happens after Sunday, after delivering that sermon powerfully, what happens on Monday. Do you lose touch of what really brought you into the relationship, has love grown cold, even without realizing.
What couples do after they realize how far they have drifted apart is renewing there vows again, saying those vows again :intentionally, thoughtfully and they commit to those vows. With all the hurt, and insensitivity and pain they redo their vows to remind them that no one really said that the road will be a bed of roses, and even if it was to be, there was going to be thorns that will prick them once in a while. They promise once again to go down the road together because they could not imagine being with another.
This very thing is what we are called to do. How the scriptures are filled with exemplifying our relationship with God to marriage is just so interesting, could it be because it is the one institution that brings out the worst and the best in us, the one that shows the true meaning of forgiveness, of love, of fruitfulness. Marriage is one interesting institution, I am not in one yet but I know it is beautiful.
The truth is we all have that moment when we are “just there” with God, but it will be unwise to remain there. It’s high time you woke up and renew your vows to Him. Do not say that you have known Him enough, you can never really comprehend Him. Get intrigued again by Him, look in scriptures and find out new revelations about Him. The Bible says that His word is new every morning and I am a believer of that. It’s time we got sensitive again with Him. It’s high time you went on dates with Him without the Children (church) being there, just the two of us. Just talking for hours with no hidden agenda, just knowing His heart once again. Give Him that fragrance of holy living that you used to give Him. Be that vessels of noble purpose that He betrothed you to be. He called you to be His friend not a servant. It’s high time we stopped looking side by side and look at God in the eyes, see the beauty of His majesty, the splendor of His Glory. Look at His creation and find something to talk to Him about.
David says that he is singular in His pursuit of the Lord, let’s also follow his footsteps and pursue God. Do not stop pursuing after the first degree, or an established church, or a thriving ministry pursue the more.
So today I renew my vows to you Lord, I say yes again to your Lordship, yes again to your will, yes again to this narrow path and more importantly yes to your love and my submission, I take the seal/ring of the Holy Ghost and promise not to take Him off by quenching Him or grieving Him. Today I redo my “I DO”. #Betrothed.

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  1. Wow!!! Charity, this is a great article, I have learnt a lot from it. I should learn to focus on the major although some of the passing by issues may try to sway me away, the example of the story of Jesus, Martha & Mary, the analogy of us being the bride of Christ etc. May the Lord drop in your heart more & more for His Glory & the Glory of the Body of Christ. #AmBetrothed.

  2. This is a nice article,very inspiring. It is so sad that we loose our commitment to Jesus after years of our salvation. This article comes in hand to help us get back to our first love and recommit to our Lord. Thanks Sifa. Keep sharing.

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